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I'm Here To Help You Defeat Barriers

There are things in our way that keep us from achieving what we're capable of. Many of those barriers can be defeated if we tell each other the way. It's not right that you're having a problem that I have a solution to and you don't know about it. 

Please feel free to talk to me about any problem. Just shoot an email to

Here are some specific ways I help people every day:


S-Corp Election Strategy

Do you run a profitable small business and are you taxed as a sole proprietor (i.e. you have a “Schedule C” on your personal tax return)? 

You may have heard of this mysterious S-Corp that can save you thousands of dollars in taxes every year. That may or may not be true–I can take the mystery out of the equation and help you decide if electing to be taxed as an S-Corp is right for you. 

Personal Finance Coaching

Are you in over your head with debt and bad money decisons? I can help you “worry in order” and develop a clear plan to get back on the path to sound financial stewardship.

Bootstrap Toolbox

I provide bootstrappers with the tools to do their own bookkeeping and marketing. I also teach them how to use those tools. 

Business Bookkeeping

Do you run a small business and need good bookkeeping so that you know how much taxes you need to plan on paying? I can help.

Personal Tax Return

Gotta file that 1040 every year. I can help you file a tax return that you can be confident is accurate, complete, and doesn't leave any of your money in the US Treasury.


Do you have a product or service that people need to know about? Crafting the right message is just plain hard. I know the framework that helps your audience understand what you offer so that it's easy for them to click “buy.”